Remote Notifications with FCM walkthrough not working

Hi all,

I've been developing Android since a couple of years know and I wanted to give it a shot with Xamarin. I am trying to follow the "Remote Notifications with FCM walkthrough" article here, but it simply does not work. The app seems to register and although I can get my InstanceID, I don't see any change in the Firebase console. On the other hand I tried to register to a topic and I can read in the log topic sync succeeded but again, I don't see any of this in the console.

Of course when I try to send a notification from the console (either to all devices or its particular token) it does nothing. I have tried rebuilding the solution, reinstalling, sending the app to the back, to the front, changing the API level (23-25) and nothing.

I have pushed the code to Github so you can see exactly what I have, google-services included, here. The only thing I can think of is that the packages are broken.. but I haven't tried using an older one because the Solution would probably not build.

Please, if anyone have used Xamarin.Firebase.Messaging successfully and can give me some tips.. I've wasted days just looking up in the Internet for a solution.



  • josemigallasjosemigallas ESMember

    All turned to be (as always) a silly error. I did not put the tags inside AndroidManifest.xml. However this should throw some kind of error/warning, the app was built correctly and I was even able to get an InstanceID token from FCM...

  • Which tags?

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