UITest - Can't reach children of WebView via app.Query()

I'm having trouble setting up UI tests for an Xamarin Android application with a specific single WebView.

I wanna target a single element within the webview-page but can't seem to reach any of its children. I've been trying to target it with app.Query(c => c.WebView().Css() etc. but I think something more fundamental is wrong because I can't see the DOM beneath the WV in the tree.

Attached below is what I see in REPL when trying:
app.Query(c => c.WebView()) and current tree

(Also no luch with InvokeJS on specific element Id since I don't think it's reachable)

Any ideas?


  • AliceLaiAliceLai USMember

    Try to go the other web page, might just be this page did not have other elements.

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