How do I remove a timer made using Androids AlarmClock class?

Hello, first post here!

Stuck on something I thought might be relatively simple.

I would like to remove a timer that I made using the AlarmClock class before the timer counts down to 0.

I create a timer by using this (c#)

    private void StartAlarmClockTimer()
        Intent alarmIntent = new Intent(Android.Provider.AlarmClock.ActionSetTimer);
        alarmIntent.PutExtra(Android.Provider.AlarmClock.ExtraLength, 5);
        alarmIntent.PutExtra(Android.Provider.AlarmClock.ExtraVibrate, true);
        alarmIntent.PutExtra(Android.Provider.AlarmClock.ExtraMessage, "Custom Text!");
        alarmIntent.PutExtra(Android.Provider.AlarmClock.ExtraSkipUi, true);


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