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HD 7950 Mac Edition HDMI broadcast monitoring

joeclarkjoeclark USMember ✭✭


Hoping to find a bit of info out from someone with a cMP and an actual (UNflashed) Mac Edition of the Sapphire 7950 GPU.
With the advent of FCPX 10.1, broadcast monitoring is now a built in feature for supported Macs. In my research it seems that the only supported macs are the nMP and any rMBP (to my knowledge all rMPB models have an HDMI port). I went through many resourses Broadcast Monitoring Video for help and more information but wasnt satisfied.
While considering the purchase of a 7950 it occurred to me that the HDMI port on the 7950 might also enable this built in broadcast monitoring over HDMI.
Anyone in a position to test this out and report back?

Any help will be appreciated.

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