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Barcode generator library

Hi all!

For first, I want to sorry for my bad English - I'm from Poland (it's not English country), I want to sorry if I put this thread on wrong forum, this is my first post here.

Do you know any good barcode generator library (That will work with Xamarin.Android - min API 15)?
No, not ZXing - it's too big and has too many not used by my application features, additionally it adds to my AndroidManifest.xml Camera permission that I don't want to use, I need generator not scanner... :neutral:

I need small, lightweight (open source if possible) library that will generare datamatrix or qrcode image and then I will call
imageview1.SetImageDrawable(code); //(or something like this)

Please suggest me your favourites. Thanks! :)


  • NashZhouNashZhou USMember ✭✭✭
    edited August 2017

    Edit: Misread what you wanted...A lot of open source libraries seem to use ZXing.

  • MichaelJahnMichaelJahn DEMember

    I think you mean the ZXing.Net.Mobile library. You can try the pure ZXing.Net library. That one doesn't add anything to your AndroidManifest.xml. ZXing.Net.Mobile is built on top of ZXing.Net.
    Not sure if it fits your needs.

  • sham3103sham3103 PKMember

    1-change extension of these files to .dll from .txt and include in project
    2- write a dependency service

    in pcl -

    byte[] GenerateQrImage(string content, int width, int height);

    in android

    public byte[] GenerateQrImage(string content, int width, int height)
    var options = new QrCodeEncodingOptions
    Height = height,
    Width = width,
    Margin = 0,
    PureBarcode = true

            var writer = new BarcodeWriter
                Format = BarcodeFormat.QR_CODE,
                Options = options
            // Generate bitmap
            var bitmap = writer.Write(content);
            if (bitmap != null)
                // Get bytes from bitmap
                using (var stream = new MemoryStream())
                    bitmap.Compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.Png, 100, stream);
                    return stream.ToArray();
            return null;

    3-Generate qr-code in your code as follow

    var stream = DependencyService.Get().GenerateQrImage(qrcodetext, 300, 300);
    Stream strm = new MemoryStream(stream);
    qrcodeImage.Source = ImageSource.FromStream(() => strm);

    note- Author of this library/plugin have removed this from NUGET packages. so this is the only possibilities to generate qr code

  • ThamaraiThamarai Member ✭✭

    Hi Michael Jahn,
    Currently I am developing an android mobile application in Xamarin.Android (not Xamarin.Forms), in which I need the feature of scanning barcode through device camera. Is it possible with ZXing.Net ? If it is possible, how can I use this ? Because I searched in '' and it has a lot of files and it was difficult to find the functionality for my requirements. It will be helpful if you narrate me.

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