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Handle Previous Page when press back in Current Page

ThnhBi.3364ThnhBi.3364 USMember ✭✭
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Hello guys,
i'm using Xamarin Forms to develope my app on both iOS and Android
I have 2 page:
1. A Custom Renderer Page for each platform, it include a listview to show list of item in SQLite database
2. A Result Page to show data when I press button to show camera and link item to taken image. This page i using NavigationAsync to show up
The question is, How to update list of item when i already link item to image and press back button?


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  • tbsvtbsv Member ✭✭

    in the code above in place of YourPageViewModel what should I give , if I have a 2 pages namely page A and Page B and when I click on browse files button in page A it takes me to file explorer when I click on back button there the app is crashing next time when i go to file explorer ,so it is like to go to page B i need to select a file from file explorer by clicking on the browse button in page A, can you please let me know in place of YourPageViewModel what should be used in my program?

  • thierrygillotthierrygillot Member ✭✭

    Perfect for me NamyslawSzymaniuk.
    Great thanks.

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