How to specify test category when running tests on Mobile Center?

When I run tests on XTC, through command line, I just add --include and that's how I categorize my tests.
Is it possible to do this when running tests on Mobile Center acording that Mobile Center uses XTC?


  • EmrahDautbegovicEmrahDautbegovic USMember ✭✭
    edited August 14

    @Glenn.Wilson Can you please help?

    The way I run tests on mobile azure is like:

    mobile-center test run uitest
    --app "my_app_name"
    --devices "b2865a59"
    --app-path "pathToFile.apk"
    --test-series "master"
    --locale "en_US"
    --build-dir "pathToUITestBuildDir"
    --token "my_token"

    For run on XTC, I enter:

    mono "path_to_testcloud.exe"
    submit "path_to_apk_or_ipa"
    --devices "fa737019"
    --series "outset"
    --locale "en_US"
    --app-name "my_app_name"
    --user "my_email"
    --assembly-dir "pathToUITestBuildDir"
    --include "category_name"

    Is there any way to do something like --include "category_name" when running tests on mobile.azzure??

  • AquablueAquablue USMember ✭✭

    Hello EmrahDautbegovic
    you can use the --include-category "category_name" option.
    If you should need more than one category, then you need to use --include-category multiple times.

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