Xamarin Forms with CocosSharp. Where to put image for sprite.

RiaHafnerRiaHafner DEMember ✭✭

Hi Guys,

I'm wondering how to include an image for a CCsprite in my Xamarin.Forms project the right way.
For iOs everything works fine so far. I created a folder named "Content" in the iOs Project and put "MyImage.png" in it. I set the build action to "BundleResource" and now I can use it.
Here is the problem with Android: I also created a folder named "Content" in the Android project, put in "MyImage.png" and set the build action to "AndroidAsset". The Emulator crashed every single time. It also crashed when I removed the code wich accesses the image. So where do I put the image then in my Android project?

Here's how I want to access it. As I said. Everything works fine with iOs.

sprite.SpriteFrame = new CCSpriteFrame(new CCTexture2D("MyImage"), new CCRect(0, 0, 40, 50));

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