Insights or HockeyApp doesn't support Xamarin.Mac on unified API?

KeithBoyntonKeithBoynton Keith BoyntonGBMember ✭✭

I'm in the process of improving my crash reporting and behaviour analytics. A while ago I migrated my project to the unified API. This caused me a problem with Insights on Xam.Mac in the form of a bug where Insights cashed at runtime when initialising Insights due to lack of 64 bit support. It was explained that the Insights team would not be fixing it due to moving the solution to the HockeyApp platform.
I posted about it here a couple of months ago:

In theory this is fine and I've looked into migrating over to HockeyApp however it seems HA doesn't support Xamarin.Mac.

It looks like I'm at a bit of a dead end... can anyone shed any light on how to implement Insights or preferably HockeyApp for crash reporting and behaviour analytics on Windows, Mac and iOS platforms?


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