BindingContextChanged OldValue NewValue


When BindingContext changed, allow intercept old and new value.

API Changes

public class BindablePropertyChangedEventArgs
    public object NewValue {get; Internal sets; }
    public object OldValue {get; Internal sets; }
    public BindableProperty Property {get; Internal sets; }

public event EventHandler <BindablePropertyChangedEventArgs> BindingContextChanged;

and use like this:

bindableObject.BindingContextChanged+= (s,e)=>
             var oldValue = e.OldValue as  INotifyPropertyChanged;
             var newValue = e.NewValue as  INotifyPropertyChanged;            
             if ( oldValue != null)
                   oldValue.PropertyChanged -= onPropertyChangedHandler; 
             if ( newValue != null)
                   newValue.PropertyChanged += onPropertyChangedHandler; 

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  • rogiheerogihee NLMember ✭✭✭

    Great addition! I really needed this sometimes too.

  • wesharpwesharp ITMember

    On my forked of Xamarin.Forms , i have create two branch with different approc:

    • In the first i have implemented BindablePropertyChangedEventArgs and BindingPropertyChangedEventHandler
    • In the second i have using the existing delegate BindingPropertyChangedDelegate.

    What is the best approach?

  • wesharpwesharp ITMember

    Any news?

  • StephaneDelcroixStephaneDelcroix USInsider, Beta ✭✭✭✭

    BindingContext is a bindable property, so you can listen to both PropertyChanging and PropertyChanged events. Do the cleanup (remove event handler, e.g.) in PropertyChanging and build up in PropertyChanged

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