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Evolve 2016 - Backend App - Referencing shared project from Web API

Hi All,

I'm in the process of building a small mobile app using XF. In my mobile solution I have a shared project that holds my data objects.

Moving onto the back end I have downloaded the client app available in the quick start section of the azure mobile app. I am able to add the shared project (data objects) to the client app that i have downloaded but am unable to reference it! The VS 2017 dialog for adding references has the shared project option missing.

This seems like the best approach so any changes to the data objects are reflected in both the back end client app and the mobile app.

@JamesMontemagno & @PierceBoggan seem to have got this working in the Evolve 2016 back end app.

Is it possible to reference the shared project from within the downloaded client app?

As usual any help is always appreciated :)


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