Storyboard designer Vs Code behind

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Hi All,

I am new to xamarin but basically I am a .Net developer.
I need guidance from you all for some of my queries.

Its all related to Xamarin IOS
1. Which one I choose to design my UI, as xamarin provides two options one from Storyboard other from code. To explain this point more,I would like to inform you that I know how to do in code and how to use designer, I have done both , BUT now that I have experieneced both I have a feeling by doing in Code has more control.
2. For navigation, moving from one screen to other there are few options, Segue, or in code by using navagationcontroller etc, which way is best , pls suggest.
3. Is there any concept present something like master page or template , stylesheet, css to be defined for uniformity of screens.


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