GC problems for my app

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Hello. I am working on Zquence Studio, a DAW app for mobiles using Xamarin Forms ( (Android and Windows)

It works good on Windows platforms and windows desktop (WPF)
On Android, the sound glitching very much.

When I check the logs a get this messages:
Time Device Name Type PID Tag Message
08-01 22:20:45.259 Samsung GT-I9300 Debug 2356 dalvikvm GC_CONCURRENT freed 1862K, 34% free 44450K/66976K, paused 31ms+16ms, total 194ms

And I get this maybe every 3 secods.

But when I run the Profiler on my WPF-version (The app uses same code base for generating graphics and sound) I see that the GC kicks in one time every minutes and thats okey, no glitches appears.

So my question if Xamarin Forms generate memory garbage when I update Textboxes? Backgrounds or something like that?
Do Mono-framework generate garbage when I call Array.Sort(), List.AddRange() or something like that?

Another question, the sound generator runs in a separate thread in C++, but calls some C# methods with locks(), if I have a lock-free flow and calls everything in C++ would it not be affected by the GC maybe?

You can try the app:

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