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EF Core + Azure Mobile Apps Sync

RexHopeRexHope PHMember ✭✭

Hi all,

I would like to ask a question regarding the combination of both, right now I have EF Core (code first) for implementing my db, and would love to tackle about the sync of the local db that was created by code first to azure. Would this be possible in such a way? I have looked into azure mobile apps examples offline/online syncing but it seems like, most of them uses mobile.service.client + .client.sqlite, but in my case I wanted EF Core + Azure to be implemented, would this be possible in implementing in quite the same way when using mobile service client?

From what I've observed, I think, connecting to azure via connection string is the only way. I am still open for any suggestions on how I can implement this, maybe there are still other way on which I do not know. Thanks all!

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