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Archive on VSTS

I want to create .apkarchive file like it is created by Visual Studio -> Tools -> Archive Manager, but I want to do this on my CI server. I am using VSTS to build the application, but i cannot find there possibility to create such type of files. It is possible to do this? Maybe I can use some script on console?

.apkarchive is catalog that include app-icons, mdbs, archive.xml and apk file. Could I create all of this with one script, command on VSTS?



  • roberleitnerroberleitner USMember

    This is an old thread but hopefully this helps someone searching to do this same thing. I've searched all over for a way to do this and have come up with nothing.

    A comment on the Xamarin bugzilla issue #59653 (I can't post links) leads me to believe it's not possible to create the apkarchive via the command line as of sept. 2017.

    We should also consider refactoring so that the "archiving" logic can be moved to he XA SDK so that archives can be created from the cmdline.

    Searching the new site didn't turn up any hits so I suspect nothing has changed.

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