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Question about the "Location"-message

ThomasFinbomThomasFinbom USMember ✭✭

I have that "Location" on my app to get the users GPS-data. The first time you startup the app this message shows up:
"AppName wants to use your current location" and the user has to choose between "Dont allow" and "ok"...

If the user choosed "ok" then i what to show my own "Gps Searching.."-function.
However.. How can I check WHEN the user has choosed one of theese options? At that current second.

Cause the problem here is when the View is loaded my "Searchingmessage" is showing up at the same time as this message from Location.

Is there a trick to check when the user has clicked on the message from Location?

I already know how to check if it has been accepted by the user. But not at that special moment..
Someone have a good idea?


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