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iOS 10 Firebase (Push) Notification not handled when app is not running

Mr.PearceMr.Pearce DEMember ✭✭

I Have a Xamarin Ios App that gets push notifications trough Firebase Cloud Messaging.

The App has to show that the Notification Appeared and save the message to a xml file
(in Foreground, in Background and when the app is Closed)

When the App is in Foreground and Background everything is fine.
The Notification pops up and DidReceiveRemoteNotification is triggered correctly so i can save the message to my XML file.

But when the App is closed there is only the Ios Notification but nothing in my code triggers.

I am posting here because it worked before and i don't know why it stopped.

The Message(taken from ios log file) looks like
aps = {
alert = {
body = "This is a Testmessage";
title = "This is a Testmessage ba7e96d0-bd2e-4fbf-bbe4-668fef4b570d";
"content-available" = 1;
sound = default;
farbe = rot;
form = trapezoid;
"gcm.message_id" = "some message id";
guid = "87a402ba-a78e-4007-a413-929cd2bc005f";

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