Deployment failed because of an internal error: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE]

JohnMurrayJohnMurray John MurrayGBMember

Has anyone any ideas on this - i can build but not debug - simply refuses to deplaoy with above error
I have tried to build totally new app then add bits of this app one by one
Even with all the support files and classes in and all references (but the Oncreate method is left to be just a simple button as per demo) this works So it does not seem to be a conflict with any reference
I mean what update is incompatible with what ? I am completely stumped



  • ChrisHardyChrisHardy Chris Hardy GBForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    There's more information on this issue on our troubleshooting page here: hopefully this will give you some more information to resolve the problem.

  • GerryHighGerryHigh Gerry High USMember, Beta ✭✭✭

    FWIW I'm now getting this error on the alpha branch on OSX Mavericks. Same source/phone compiles/deploys fine from Xamarin Studio alpha on Windows 8.

  • GerryHighGerryHigh Gerry High USMember, Beta ✭✭✭

    I was able to get it to install (as explained here

  • DavidReynoldsDavidReynolds David Reynolds USMember

    I also got this same error but had a different reason. My package name was empty. According to Xamarin docs I should have gotten a different error but I got this one. To fix in Visual Studio 2012 (will be slightly different for other IDE's) right click on your Android project and select Properties. Select the Android Manifest tab and ensure you have a package name with a '.' in it. The dot is important or it will not work.

  • BenBishopBenBishop Ben Bishop USMember, Beta ✭✭

    To add to the knowledge base of this issue, I ran into a similar issue where I had a version installed from TestFlight. When I would do a build on my iMac from XS directly to the device, I'd get an error saying the install was incompatible. Reinstalling from TestFlight, and then uninstalling it, and then installing from XS worked.

    With that said, I also ran into an issue where I had a build on my device that was generated by my iMac. When I tried to install a new build from my Macbook Pro via XS, I got the same incompatible install issue. I had to go back to my iMac, reinstall the app, uninstall it, and then try installing from my MBP.

    Long story short, whenever switching machines or delivery mechanisms, always manually uninstall the previous version!

  • ZacharyCardozaZacharyCardoza Zachary Cardoza USMember

    Same issue for me. I uninstalled app, but some "ghost" files remained. Solution was to build APK and install from SD/Memory and then uninstall.

  • ianmercerianmercer Ian Mercer USMember ✭✭

    For me it appears that a missing Application Icon was the cause of this error message, or at least it went away when I added one.

  • SagarPanwalaSagarPanwala Sagar Panwala USMember

    @EugeneBosikov‌ ,It's work.

  • JohnMurrayJohnMurray John Murray GBMember

    Just to help others
    I eventually found that this error also happens if one has a release or other version installed on the machine on which you are debugging. In my case a previous release had been downloaded from the store and installed on my test machine.
    Uninstalling this 'release' or previous version removed the Error message and problem


  • ckranjckranj Ranjith Tch INMember

    @EugeneBosikov thanks a lot. It is working

  • NkechiNnajiNkechiNnaji Nkechi Nnaji USMember

    For me, there were two reasons why I received this error.

    Reason 1: I was deploying my application to a device which used API level 16. Even though my manifest showed I had API level 16, in actual fact it was empty. So through Android SDK manager, I installed the required API level for the device.

    Reason 2: Thank you, @VincentPoirier! I didn't realize that sometimes when you deploy unsuccessfully to your device, the application may download to the device though it may not show on the home screen of the device that the application has been downloaded to the device. So I had to go to the settings of the device, located my list of applications installed on the device and then deleted the application in question. Viola!

    I ran the application and it worked!!!

  • mr-incrediblemr-incredible Spencer Roberts USMember

    Burned yet another hour on this bug this morning. Thanks @VincentPoirier. that turned out to be my issue as well. Ugh.

  • davidbarrettdavidbarrett David Barrett USMember, University
    edited June 2015

    While an uninstall of an existing package seems to always work here, my issue is that the app was nowhere to be found, even in Settings | Apps. I had to do a manual ./adb uninstall "packagename".

    Thanks to @GerryHigh for the tip.

  • satya.7655satya.7655 satya USMember

    i did not understand why ti is coming ............i have tried some of your solution still error showing i want an effecting solution can any give me?

  • satya.7655satya.7655 satya USMember

    my error is like:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(3,3): Warning MSB3247: Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly. In Visual Studio, double-click this warning (or select it and press Enter) to fix the conflicts; otherwise, add the following binding redirects to the "runtime" node in the application configuration file: (MSB3247) (PasswordlessLogin.Droid)

  • AshayMoreyAshayMorey Ashay Morey USMember
    look solution of tomopgernoth
    this might help you guys .

  • JakubHolovskyJakubHolovsky Jakub Holovsky CZMember

    Happened to me today and left me confused. The thing is that I:

    1) Installed APK of my App from different source.

    2) Then I wanted to install it from Xamarin Studio.

    3) Previous App got uninstalled but new build did not get installed and left me with error:

    Deployment failed because of an internal error: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE]


    1) Install on your device the previous APK again.

    2) Properly uninstall it from your device.

    3) Try to install the new build through Xamarin Studio.

    It should work now :)

  • MateuszKierepkaMateuszKierepka Mateusz Kierepka PLMember, Developer Group Leader

    I had this same problem - manual unsintall APK helped.

  • DevaPalanisamyDevaPalanisamy Deva Palanisamy GBMember, University

    command line uninstallation worked for me.

  • v3yr0nv3yr0n André Gonçalves USMember, University

    yeah @DevaPalanisamy, it works for me too.

    adb uninstall

  • AnthonyTerraAnthonyTerra Anthony Terra USMember, University

    Yeah the issue I had was the same as Nkechi. I deployed an application via an APK it didn't work, then I tried to debug from Xamarin. EPIC FAIL. I reinstalled the APK Manually uninstalled the app, debugged again all is right with the world.

    Thanks all

  • MHLDMHLD Mário Henrique Lopes Duarte BRMember, Beta

    @bosikov said:
    You have a the same application installed from Google store or from package that was prepared for deploy. Go to Settings->Apps select your application and uninstall. It will fix all your problems.
    After that you will able to run and debug your application from IDE.

    Thank you!!!

  • PietroGaioPietroGaio Pietro Gaião USMember
  • BhaurajBiradarBhaurajBiradar Bhauraj Biradar USMember, University

    OOPS I received this issue again. this time no luck from above posts. I am trying to instal app through Xamarin studio to Android Tab from my Mac ProBook. I received below error

    Deployment failed because of an internal error: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE],

  • BhaurajBiradarBhaurajBiradar Bhauraj Biradar USMember, University

    Below is the error
    Detecting installed packages

    Waiting for packaging to complete

    Installing application on device

    Deployment failed because of an internal error: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE]

    Deployment failed. Internal error.

  • SalemKorayemSalemKorayem Salem Korayem EGMember

    I am alternating dev between two PCs. The problem occured because I installed the apk from one machine and attempted to deploy from another without uninstalling it.

    So before you switch machines, make sure you uninstall the app first.

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