Tips on Starting a Xamarin Developer Group

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If you are looking to start a Xamarin Developer Group in your city we are here to help! We have developed a brand new Introduction to Xamarin Slide Deck that you can completely customize for your needs. We encourage all group leaders to announce their group and events in our Events forum. To get you started we have assembled this list of tips on how to get your group off to a great start:

  • Where to setup group: offers an easy way to create and manage developer groups.
  • Name: [City] Mobile .NET Developers Group -- This is great because it brings in not only Xamarin developers but .NET developers in general and will allow you to focus on both Xamarin and .NET topics.
  • Name your URL:[City]MobileDevelopers
  • Event Date: It is important to meet consistently, the same day each month is optimal, for instance “Second Tuesday of Each Month”.
  • Event Time: See what works best for you and your group. 6 PM to 7 PM seem to work well, but again it is optimal to select the same time each month.
  • Location: Ideally it is great to have the same location each month as well. We have found that a lot of local colleges are eager to work with user groups. Local shared work spaces, libraries, and local businesses that use Xamarin products may have space available as well.
  • Social It is really useful to create a Twitter account for your user group. This is a more appropriate way to send out quick updates without having to spam your users with emails. You can add your Twitter account to under "Group Tools -> Group Settings -> Optional Features". Facebook Pages are also a great tool based on your members usage.
  • Topics: Be sure to include "Xamarin" as one of your topics as this will ensure your user group will show up on


  • NashNash Nasim USMember

    Hi James,

    This is Nash from Bangalore, India. I have worked as Architect and developed various large Enterprise Applications. I come from Technology consulting background and mostly worked on Microsoft Technologies like ASP,, MVC, C#, .Net, SQL etc... I am also active speaker in company Tech community and do trainings, Tech Talk, Road shows etc. With me there are many enthusiastic Tech people who are either exploring XAMARIN or started using XAMARIN. I am based out of Bangalore and Bangalore is Silicon Valley of India where almost every Software companies are here.
    It will be great if we can start a "XAMARIN User Group" in Bangalore. I can manage this and bring lot of people to this community. This group will be increase awareness about XAMARIN here in Bangalore, We will do weekly meeting, Tech Talks where People will come, learn and spread the word about XAMARIN. This will also help its community member how to build enterprise solutions utilizing XAMARIN & .net.

    If given an opportunity I can start this here. I have more ideas and am open for discussion.

    Please let me know if you have some 15-30 mins to discuss about this. We can have call or SKYPE Call.


  • nishanilnishanil Nishanth Anil INForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi Nash,

    My name is Nish and I work for Xamarin from Bangalore. I would love to connect with you and hear your ideas.

    Please note: We have an exclusive user group for Xamarin in Bangalore called Xhackers. If you wish to work with them, I will be happy to connect you there.

    Feel free to write to me

  • MHowardMHoward MHoward USMember, University

    Hello James, I'm in the San Diego Ca. area and would love to find or help start a group. I met you last year when you toured with the .Net Rocks team, you helped me with an issue after you gave your talk.



  • JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno James Montemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    @MHoward, can you shoot me an email as there were a few others in that area looking to start a group.

  • AmmarZaiedAmmarZaied Ammar Zaied USMember

    Hello James,
    i'm Ammar From Tunisia (North Africa),i'm very happy to work this community, i like to create the developer user group here in Tunisia, i have a good .NET developer Team and i'm a Microsoft Certified professional.

  • JingletonJingleton Jayme Singleton DEForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai
    edited February 2015

    Hi @AmmarZaied ! We would love to see a Xamarin group in Tunisia! If you are interested in getting one started, feel free to email me and I will help get you on your feet:


  • DavidOlubajoDavidOlubajo David Olubajo GBMember

    I hate that there are no Xamarin user groups here in Manchester, UK, so I'm willing to start one. Any help on how to start this will be appreciated.

  • ImadAlazaniImadAlazani Imad Alazani USMember, University

    Hello everybody,
    I have started a new Xamarin Dev. meetup group in Southern California, you can find it here:
    All welcome to join! The first meetup will be help beginning-mid March!


  • SimpalmSimpalm Piyush jain USMember

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. Its really good idea to make such changes. I know one group in US also of Xamarin app developers. You can join them here :

  • NirmalHNirmalH Nirmal Hota INMember

    Hi James,
    We have a community named as "Micrososft Developers Community, Odisha" in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. We usually do Tech sessions, meet ups like activities in each month. In each of our activity we include Xamarin along with the other .net technologies.
    Can we use that group for this purpose as well ?


  • JingletonJingleton Jayme Singleton DEForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    Hi @NirmalH,

    Feel free to use the slide decks for Xamarin presentations at your group's events. You can also look to the Presentations forum for even more great Xamarin materials :)


  • Stark154Stark154 GPCT IN USMember

    Hi @NishAnil

    Are there any user groups in the Delhi NCR region,India?

  • FernandoArreguinFernandoArreguin Fernando Arreguin MXMember

    Hi James,

    I started a new Mobile Developers Group,
    Here it is the link

    I hope you can support me to grow this group

    Greetings from Monterrey, MX

  • EShyEShy Ishai Hachlili USMember, Insider

    We have a Mobile .Net meetup for Silicon Valley. You can find it here

    We took a summer break while looking for a new location to host our meetups. We'll probably start with new meetings soon and maybe add a bi-weekly "office hours" where developers can help each other with projects they're working on

  • ClaudioSanchezClaudioSanchez Claudio Sanchez USMember


    We have been organizing .NET Movile dev. talks for a while, but just recently made it an official Xamarin User Group.

    Andres Pineda
    Yamille Ramirez

  • EngTeongCheah.5230EngTeongCheah.5230 Eng Teong Cheah MYMember, University

    We restarting the Xamarin User Group for Malaysia. You can find it here

    We try to organize this meetup every month after working hours (Malaysia Time) to gather all developer.

    Eng Teong

  • EngTeongCheah.5230EngTeongCheah.5230 Eng Teong Cheah MYMember, University

    @JamesMontemagno and @Jingleton

    May I ask about how we request swag for the xamarin user group for coming event?
    Because I organize the Xamarin User Group on 22 January 2016 (Friday).

    Thank you.

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